Natta Thai Cuisine
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                                                                                  Lunch         Dinner

73. Spicy Cabbage with Tofu ***                          8.95                  10.95

 Mixed vegetable in a coconut milk and green curry paste.

74. Soft Tofu in Hot Pot  **                                     8.95                  10.95

 Light battered soft tofu, eggplant, string bean and
 stir-fried with fresh ginger and chili paste 

75. Vegetable Green Curry **                                9.95                 11.95     

Thai green curry with mixed vegable, red pepper and Basil

76. Panang Tofu **                                                  9.95                11.95     

Fried tofu in panang curry with basil leaves. 

77. Vegetable Pad Thai                                              8.95               10.95  

Rice noodles stir-fried with vegetable, egg, dried tofu,
bean sprouts, spring onions, and crushed peanuts.

78. See Ew Noodle  with Tofu                                    8.95              10.95

Jumbo rice noodles, crispy tofu, egg and
broccoli stir-fried in a Thai soy sauce. 

79. Lard Na  Noodle with  Tofu                                   8.95              10.95

Jumbo rice noodles, crispy tofu and broccoli
stir-fried in a special gravy sauce.

80. Drunken Noodle tofu **                                      8.95             10.95   

Jumbo rice noodles stir-fried with crispy tofu, onions,
red pepper and basil leaves in a hot chili sauce.

81. Vegetable Fried Rice                                             8.95            10.95 

Jasmine rice, vegetable, egg and spring onions
stir-fried with a special Thai sauce

82.Ginger Tofu *                                                         8.95             10.95

Crispy tofu stir-fried with fresh ginger, Thai mushrooms,
onions and spring onions 
in a light black bean sauce. 

83. Chili and Basil Tofu ***                                     8.95            10.95

Crispy tofu stir-fried with hot chili, garlic, bamboo shoot,
onion and basil leaves.

84. Tofu with String Beans  ***                               8.95            10.95

Crispy tofu stir-fried with string beans and Thai curry paste.

85. Bharam Tofu *                                                      8.95            10.95 

Crispy tofu with a special peanut sauce,
garnished with steamed broccoli.

86. Cashew Nut Tofu **                                             8.95            10.95

Crispy tofu stir-fried with cashew nuts, onions,
carrots and chili paste.

87. Tofu with Mixed Vegetable                                    8.95            10.95  

Crispy tofu stir-fried with mixed vegetables in light brown sauce.

88. Spicy Garden ***                                                8.95            10.95 

Mixed vegetables stir-fried with hot chili,
fresh garlic and basil leaves.

89. Crispy Basil Tofu **                                             8.95            10.95  

Crispy tofu stir-fried with spicy chili, garlic sauce,
and garnished with broccoli and crispy basil leaves.

90. Yellow Curry Tofu **                                            9.95            11.95   

Crispy tofu cooked in a Thai traditional style yellow curry,
coconut milk, onion and potatoes.

91. Spicy Eggplant ***                                              9.95           11.95     
Stir-fried eggplant, chili and garlic sauce. 

92. Tamarind Tofu **                                                  9.95          11.95 

Crispy tofu with tamarind sauce
garnished with broccoli and sprinkled with fried red onion.

93. Buddha Fried Rice ***                                         9.95          11.95

Spicy fried rice with tofu, vegetable, egg and chili paste
sprinkled with toasted onion.