Natta Thai Cuisine
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19. Lemon Grass Soup *              Vegetable / Chicken                      4.95  
  Shrimp           5.95

Choice of vegetable, chicken, or shrimp
in hot and sour broth with straw mushrooms,
flavored with lemon grass, fresh chili and lime juice.

20. Galangal Soup  *                    Vegetable / Chicken                       5.95 
                                                           Shrimp                                          6.95 

Choice of vegetable, chicken or shrimp
in light coconut milk broth, straw mushrooms,
enhanced with galangal, lime juice,
lemongrass and fresh chili.

21. Thai Wonton Soup                                                                            5.95    

Wonton and vegetables in a clear chicken broth
sprinkled with toasted garlic.

22. Spicy Potatoes Soup **                                                                5.95    

Chicken, potatoes, tomato, celery and onion in spicy chicken broth
sprinkled with toasted onion.

23. Poh Tack  ***  (For 2 people)                                               10.95    

Spicy hot and sour soup with mixed seafood and mushroom
flavored with lemongrass, chili and basil leaves.