Natta Thai Cuisine
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Beef & Pork

                                                                                    Lunch         Dinner
51. Beef or Pork with Ginger
 *                                10.95               12.95        

Beef or pork stir-fried with fresh ginger, Thai mushrooms,
onions and spring onions, in a light black bean sauce.

52. Beef or pork with Chili and Basil  ***              10.95               12.95

Beef or pork stir-fried with hot chili, garlic, and basil leaves.

53. Beef or Pork with String Beans  ***                10.95               12.95

Beef or pork stir-fried with string beans and Thai curry paste.

54. Beef or pork with Garlic Sauce                            10.95              12.95

Beef or pork stir-fried in light garlic sauce,
garnished with steamed broccoli.

55. Wild Pork ***                                                     10.95              12.95

Pork stir-fried with Thai red curry, green peppercorns,
fresh chili and basil leaves.

56. Siam Beef  ***                                                  10.95               12.95

Beef marinated in special sauce, stir-fried then
topped with spring onions 
and shredded ginger.

57. Spicy Pepper Steak ***                                   12.95              12.95    

Marinated sliced beef stir-fried with onions, pepper,
black peppers, special brown 
sauce and served on a hot plate.