Natta Thai Cuisine
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      1. Satay                                                                                  6.95          

The famous Thai marinated and grilled chicken skewers served
with peanut sauce and a cucumber salad.

2. Kra Tong Thong                                                                   6.95             
Crispy corn cup filled with chicken,shrimp and sweet corn
with yellow curry sauce.

3. Spring Roll                                                                             5.95                                   
Deep fried bean thread noodles and vegetables rolled and served
with a spicy sweet & sour sauce.

4. Kanom Jeeb                                                                                   6.95             

Marinated chicken, shrimp and crab meat wrapped in wonton skin,
topped with toasted garlic and served with
 a spicy dark brown sauce.

5. Calamari                                                                                 7.95

Fresh squid tossed lightly in garlic flavored batter,
deep-fried until golden brown 
and served with a sweet & plum sauce.

6. Tod Mun                                                                                                    
 Deep fried homemade shrimp and chicken cake mixed with red curry,
string bean served with peanut cucumber sauce

7. Shrimp Roll                                                                            7.95          

Deep fried shrimp roll served with a sweet plum sauce.

8. Shrimp Drum Stick                                                                       7.95

Shrimp wrapped with minced shrimp, crab meat, chicken and
clear noodles coated with breadcrumbs deep fried until crispy brown
served with sweet plum sauce.

9. Crispy Butterfly Shrimp                                                                7.95            

Deep fried light battered shrimp topped with spicy creamy sauce
and a slice of lemon.

10. Golden Triangles                                                                         6.95            

Shrimp, crab meat, vegetables and mozzarella cheese marinated
 in light soy sauce 
and wrapped in wonton skin,
deep fried and served with a creamy peanut sauce.

11. Seared Chicken Dumplings                                                        6.95            

Steamed chicken, shrimp and chive dumplings pan seared and
served with a spicy dark brown sauce.

12. Curry Puff                                                                                     6.95        

Deep fried crusty stuffed with potatoes and chicken curry 

13. Vegan Roll                                                                                    5.95

Vegetable,tofu and basil leaves wrapped in rice paper, served with
spicy lime sauce